VahZay offers following services through multiple delivery models.

Product Realization Services:

VahZay can work with its clients to design products, manage product lifecycle, architect products and develop associated software. Any or all of these services can be selected by customers based on their needs and preferences.

Business Process Re-engineering:

VahZay team has expertise in re-engineering complex projects in public and private sector. The team has previously worked in financial and distribution ERP applications, CRM solutions and has automated government business processes.

Software Engineering:

VahZay can work with a set of diverse technologies to deliver software implementation services. Today’s software products need a variety of technologies for successful implementation. VahZay team’s core expertise is to use the right tools, concepts, languages and frameworks to engineer software products.

The above services can be delivered using the following models based on unique needs of our customers.

Outsourced Product Development Team (Long Term):

This model is best suited for long term projects where a dedicated team of software professionals can be assigned. Given the long duration of the project, this model has the advantage of being more cost effective while keeping team productivity high due to knowledge retention, learning curves and team cohesion.

Fixed Cost Projects:

Projects where detailed specifications already exist or the project is well understood, a fixed cost model can be adopted.

Project Based (Time and Material):

Complex projects that are short or medium in duration are best suited to this model. The effort required to implement such projects is not known upfront. A mixed mode where a Time and Material analysis and prototyping phase followed by a fixed cost project delivery model can also be adopted.

Cost plus Equity Model:

VahZay can also work with partners to implement products in an equity share plus cost arrangement sharing the risk and reducing the cost to develop a product.