VahZay’s team has worked with many product and enterprise software companies and start-ups to develop complete end to end product and product sub-systems. The VahZay team has expertise in application level software development as well as lower level programming. True product development needs a vast array of skills acquired by working on diverse class of problems and technologies. The team’s core expertise is to architect complex solutions, break down complex products and sub-systems into smaller components and use the right tools, concepts, languages and frameworks to architect and deliver these components.

VahZay can contribute product management, project management, product architecture and product/software engineering skills to help its clients achieve their goals. VahZay can work with its clients to develop system specification and product architecture using marketing requirements document. The VahZay team can also plug into existing teams where a product roadmap and architecture is in place and only technical team augmentation and programming skills are required.

On Windows, the team has delivered projects including Win32 API, Microsoft Exchange API, WMI, MAPI, Active Directory, C#, C++, C and Assembly language programming

On Linux, the team has delivered projects in GNU C, GNU C++ and multi-threaded server components and applications.

Market Intelligence Portal

For a start-up client, VahZay developed a market intelligence portal. This portal was geared towards product companies that wanted to see customer feedback regarding their products. The data was collected from multiple web-sites and presented in a concise and usable format.