VahZay has deep expertise in mobile applications, content and game development on iPhone and Android platforms. It has four self published applications to its credit, iBalance Fitness, TellMyStory, iTouchBall and iCensored, all published at various times on iTunes. VahZay has also co-developed titles like Wordity, a very popular application on UK iTunes Stores. VahZay team has deep expertise in writing multi-threded, memory optimized applications on iPhone and Android platforms. VahZay is also working on a 3D game titled Project T using the Unity game engine. Other 2D games have been developed using cocos2D and native iPhone APIs.

The team has expertise in integrating iPhone apps with social media and Facebook, video and audio push from iPhone to servers and pulling such content, in-app purchases, Twitter integration, OpenFeint integration and integration with various mobile Ad networks including AdMob and others.

VahZay has also completed more than 7 service projects for various clients including games, productivity applications. We have a flexible engagement model where we can work on traditional service delivery model as well as a cost plus equity participation model.

Some of our work in mobile applications is documented below.

iBalance Fitness

Professional athletes have a personal balance that is much better than ordinary mortals and that is the point of iBalance - to have you test yourself and find out how athletically stable you are.

iBalance mimics and records the result of the "Stability Test" (also called "Single Leg Balance Test" or "Unipedal Stance Test") employed by some athletic coaches, making it a competitive game where you can boast and compare scores with your friends and family. The score is based on two factors - time duration and movement - indicating how long as well as how well you kept your balance.


For most of us, failure represent the stuff of nightmares. What will happen when there is no money in the bank account? Who will cover the bills? School fees and day care, insurance premiums, milk? When will they cutoff electricity, phone, natural gas and water? How bad is that eviction notice?

Starting with this list of questions Jawwad weaves a tale that takes readers from New York to California in search of the deepest fear of a new entrepreneur – What if I fail?

A touching confession that alternates between the bittersweet reality of a dying venture and the promise of multimillion dollar valuations, Reboot is a journey of self discovery that every entrepreneur can relate to. It is a book of questions and answers that will force us to re-examine our personal prejudices against failure.


Wordity is a brand new word game experience that introduces arcade style polished gameplay to the word genre. Offering 3 completely varied game modes, and a challenge mode that combines gameplay, Wordity is a word game experience like no other! Solve anagrams on the fly, find words in our cryptic search grid, and play Wordity Classic - a new game mode that is best described as a mixture of Bejewled and Scrabble! Post your high score on our Openfeint leaderboards and unlock achievements as you weave your way through the Wordity Challenge!

Athletic Recruiter

You can't get recruited by a college coach if they don't know about you. Recruit the school, don't wait for them to recruit YOU! We discreetly market and promote you to colleges that fit your profile.

The Athletic Recruiter iPhone Application is geared towards providing athletes with a tool to approach college applications in a professional and organized manner.

This intuitive and easy-to-use app has suggestions for the application process and provides functionality to store the relevant information at your finger tips.


iCensored is a great application to Censor your images by putting Censor sign on Images or using other signs from a vast variety of choices, so that you can hide unwanted part of your Picture or simply create excitement by pretending something needs to be hidden or emphasized!

Censors can be rotated and resized. Many more sensors are now available including 'Behind Bars', 'Mug Shot Plates', stop sign, goggles to put on faces, skin tones and many geometric shapes including peace sign, heart and others. In version 1.1 you can also upload the 'censored' image to your Facebook profile to have fun with family and friends.

Have fun by takng pictures, 'censoring' them and sharing with friends by sending via e-mail from right within the application. Take a picture from iPhone camera or use an existing image from your iPhone photo library. Great Great fun.

You can also save your edited image to your iPhone photo library.

iTouch Ball

iTouchBall is a fun game to test your reflexes and hand eye coordination. It is really two games in one. Eliminate a bunch of bouncing balls by chasing them or protect your ball from hitting the boundaries of your iPhone screen. See how well you do by comparing your score with iTouchBall players from across the globe.

Tell My Story

TellMyStory is the new revolutionary story telling application for iPhone that adds e-motion and animation (Ken Burns effects), background music and voice comments to your pictures to assemble a professional quality story/slide-show. You can share your stories/slide-shows with your friends on Facebook, e-mail them to friends (via a web link that can play the show) or directly send them from your iPhone to another user of TellMyStory on iPhone.

Be a roving reporter, be in the middle of the moment as it happens and add your e-motions and comments to your still media. Animate your pictures with a limitless number of pan and zoom sequences like Ken Burns effect and send your field stories to friends, colleagues and family. TellMyStory lets you capture your emotions and feelings right when things are happening in front of your eyes. If you ever felt left out that you were not able to share the excitement of the moment with family and friends then TellMyStory is what you need.

Coming Soon

Project T

A cool 3-D FPS game concept based on swarming intruders trying to pin down our hero. Built on Unity Game Engine.